How to cancel ScrShin Membership?

When you’re not satisfied with ScrShin membership, it’s time to let it go and find a  better option for your credit report. In our today’s blog I’ll help you how to cancel ScrShin Membership with few simple steps that will not only let you get rid of the membership but also save you from hassle of waiting.

ScrSchin is a pretty good service to access your three Bureau Credit Reports and scores. It helps you keep track of your credit profile as well as any changes that may happen. The subscription let you be alerted for any of changes in the credit profile. It has a dedicated learning center that helps you learn a lot about your credits explaining steps that may affect your credit score.

But if don’t find the ScrShin membership and are now planning to discontinue the service; you can use online website in your account page to cancel it. Moreover, you can contact their Customer Service department to cancel the membership on a phone call.

ScrShin Membership subscription plans & their monthly charges

ScrShin offers different monthly subscription plans that you can avail depending on your credit requirements and your desired services. Here’re details of different subscription plans:

Subscription PlanCharges
Ultimate Credit$39.90/month
Premium Credit$29.95/month
Basic Credit$9.95/month
Credit Education$49.00 +$19.97/month
Roadside Assistance$19.95/month
Realty ListingsNationwide$69.90/month

Ultimate Credit Subscription

You can get this plan for $39.90 per month. It offers completed report, monitoring, and protection of all three credits, which are the Experian Credit, TransUnion Credit, and the Equifax Credit. Some additional benefits are also included like roadside coverage, and alerts.

Premium Credit

This subscription plan comes with the cost of $29.95 per month that provides you with an Experian Credit report and Credit Score. You also get roadside coverage and other benefits with this membership.

Basic Credit Subscription Plans

This subscription comes with the cost $9.95 per month and it gives you basic credit monitoring of your profile. It also has roadside coverage and additional benefits.

Credit Education Subscription

This is available at a cost of $49.00 + $19.97 per month. It offers you all the tools and knowledge that you need for a good understanding of credit reports and monitoring. It gives complete money-back assurance with  a digital credit education book.

Roadside Assistance

If you just want Roadside assistance, this subscription is best that you can purchase for $19.95 per month. You can purchase Realty Listings Nationwide for $69.90 per month and similar benefits.

How to Terminate My ScrShin Membership?

Terminating your ScrShin membership can be accomplished through online channels or by reaching out to their Customer Service division.

Online Cancellation of ScrShin Membership

To cancel your ScrShin membership online, access your official ScrShin account by logging in.

Navigate to the “My Account” segment on the webpage.

Within your account, proceed to the “Billing History” category.

Utilize the Customer Portal to initiate the membership cancellation, adhering to the provided prompts to finalize the process.

Cancelling ScrShin Membership via Phone

Opt for assistance from the Customer Service unit to cancel your membership.

Contact their Customer Support hotline at (866) 458-2801 to connect with a representative.

Communicate your desire to cancel your ScrShin membership. You’ll need to furnish your Member ID, first and last name, and registered email address.

Ensure you provide all essential information and request a confirmation message upon completing the cancellation.

ScrShin Membership Cancellation – Frequently Asked Questions

Does ScrShin Offer Trial Services?

ScrShin extends a 7-day trial, accessible for $1, to interested individuals. During this period, users can explore ScrShin subscription features. Should they find the service satisfactory, they can choose to continue with a membership. If not, cancelation during the trial phase avoids further charges. The cancellation process outlined above can be followed.

How to Reach ScrShin Customer Service?

For inquiries related to credit reports or subscription plans, contacting Customer Support is convenient. Dial the Customer Care number at (866) 458-2801 to converse with a representative. Written communication can also be sent to ScrShin; the mailing address details are available on the ScrShin Contact Page.

Wrapping Up

ScrShin is among the platforms offering credit report monitoring. While ScrShin provides consolidated credit reports, if their services fall short of your expectations, the provided comprehensive cancellation steps can be followed to end your membership. For additional queries, reach out to their Support division.

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