How To Cancel Optimum Service? End Service In 4 Easy Steps!

If you opted for Optimum to access high-speed internet but find the service lacking, it’s time to explore the cancellation process. We’re here to guide you through canceling your Optimum service.

Optimum’s Range of Services

Optimum offers a spectrum of services, including internet, cable television, and more. Users can subscribe to affordable internet plans, ensuring constant connectivity. The company is also renowned for its cable internet access and provides additional services such as mobile and home phone services.

Canceling Your Optimum Service

Canceling your Optimum service is a straightforward process. Simply reach out to their Customer Support department and request the cancellation of your service.

How to Cancel Optimum Service and Close Optimum Account

Learn the steps to easily cancel your Optimum service by contacting Customer Support.

Call Customer Service

  1. Dial 866-200-7186 or 611 with your Optimum number to initiate the cancellation process.
  2. Connect with a representative, informing them of your intention to cancel.
  3. Provide necessary information, including your account details.
  4. Request a confirmation message for the cancellation.

What Happens When You Cancel Optimum?

Optimum TV and internet service plans can be canceled without early termination fees. It’s important to note that cancellations cannot be processed online; you must contact Customer Support. Additionally, after canceling, return Optimum equipment to avoid potential fees.

Returning Optimum Equipment

Prepare for equipment return by printing a prepaid shipping label from FedEx’s official website. Place all equipment in a box, label it, and drop it at a FedEx location for return.

Changing Your Optimum Service Plan

Optimum allows users to upgrade or make changes to their service plans. Follow the steps based on your location:

  • For Connecticut, New Jersey, or New York residents: Visit, navigate, or call 866-347-4784.
  • Customers outside the Northeast: Visit, call 877-694-9474, and inform the representative about the desired changes.

Cancel Optimum Service – FAQs

Can I Cancel Optimum Service Online?

No, online cancellation is not available. Contact the Customer Service department to initiate cancellation.

Does Optimum Have a Cancellation Fee?

Optimum does not impose early termination or cancellation fees. Cancel anytime without penalties.

Can You Cancel Optimum With a Balance?

Clear all dues and balances before canceling. Optimum does not charge cancellation fees, but outstanding balances may need settlement.

Can I Cancel Optimum at the Store?

Cancellations cannot be done at stores. Contact Customer Support for cancellation and return equipment to the store after completion.

How to Contact Optimum Customer Service?

Visit the Optimum Contact Page for various contact numbers or use the chat feature on the website.

Wrapping Up

Optimum provides a range of services to keep users connected. Explore service plans on the official website, and if unsatisfied, follow the cancellation steps outlined above. Contact Optimum Customer Service for further queries and assistance.

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