How To Cancel Massage Envy Membership?

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, dedicating time for self-care is essential. Massage Envy offers a self-care massage routine, allowing members to indulge in regular body and facial massages, including stretch sessions. However, if the subscription costs seem steep or for any other reason, members have the option to cancel their Massage Envy membership.

What is Massage Envy Membership?

A Massage Envy Membership ensures that amid busy schedules, individuals can adhere to a self-care routine, reaping the health benefits of massages, improved blood circulation, and more. Members gain access to 60-minute stretch services, facial and body massages, and the opportunity to refer friends for free massage sessions. This membership facilitates access to franchise locations nationwide.

Massage Envy Membership Prices: Why Consider Cancellation?

Massage Envy offers various massages and facials with corresponding charges, with members enjoying discounted rates. However, these charges may seem relatively high when compared to other facilities. Monthly and annual plans, though beneficial, might be costly for some. If you find the costs not aligning with your preferences, cancellation is an option.

Can You Cancel Massage Envy Membership?

Yes, customers can cancel their Massage Envy membership, subject to contract and subscription plan terms. It is advisable to review the company’s cancellation policy and consider two specific conditions that facilitate an easy cancellation process:

  1. Moving to a location 25 miles away from any Massage Envy facility.
  2. Obtaining a doctor’s note stating that massages are detrimental to health.

Meeting either of these conditions ensures a smooth cancellation process.

How to Cancel Massage Envy Membership

In Person:
  1. Draft a letter requesting cancellation, including name, address, contact number, and contract date.
  2. Bring the letter to the nearest Massage Envy location.
  3. Inquire about termination details and potential cancellation fees.
  4. Request document proof of membership cancellation.
Via Email:
  1. Compose an email to [email protected].
  2. Clearly state the desire to cancel the Massage Envy Membership.
  3. Provide necessary personal details for the cancellation process.
  4. Request confirmation of the cancellation.

Cancellation Costs:

Cancellation fees for Massage Envy appointments vary. Cancelling 24 hours before the session incurs no charges. Cancelling on the same day results in a 50% charge of the scheduled session price. Failure to cancel or show up at the scheduled session requires payment of the full session price.

Cancel Massage Envy Membership – FAQs

  • Automatic Renewal: Yes, Massage Envy memberships automatically renew unless manually canceled.
  • Credit Expiry: Credits expire 60 days after membership cancellation.
  • Refund Policy: No refund is offered after subscription cancellation; a cancellation fee may apply.
  • Subscription Pause: Yes, members can pause subscriptions for up to 6 months.


While Massage Envy offers a convenient self-care solution, cancelling the membership is straightforward. Members are advised to review terms and conditions before initiating the cancellation process. Whether prioritizing self-care or exploring alternative options, the guide ensures a seamless cancellation experience.

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