How To Cancel Credit One Bank Card?

You are looking to find a credit card that gives you low credit score but it’s complex because your application will be denied by most of the banks or they will give you higher interest rates.

 So, if you are also facing this issue; there is an option with credit one bank that offers you to apply for a line credit. Credit one bank is a card issuer that specializes or helps users with such issues as you are facing.

But if you are unable to enjoy the services and the offers of the credit one bank you can easily cancel your credit card the process is straightforward.

 But still it is important that you know the right steps and you know how to cancel credit one bank card.

You can cancel your credit one bank credit card by logging into your account and going to the account services section. In that menu you will find an option to close your account and you just need to follow up the prompts you will receive to confirm that you want to close your credit one bank credit card.

 But, I have just summarized the procedure above but it is better that you know the steps in detail and I’ll explain this in in the coming paragraphs.

 So in our today’s blog post we will help you to cancel your credit one bank credit card.

Know the requirements to cancel your credit card?

You mostly want to cancel your credit card once you have found some better service, and it is no problem that you can easily switch for a better credit card service from some other bank, rather than credit one bank and it is always a good option that you cancel your previous credit card.

But before you can cancel your credit card it is best that you know some requirements that you have to fulfill.

  • No balance  make sure that there is no balance available in your credit card but if you have a balance you must pay it off before cancelling your card.
  • No automatic payment setup you must also make sure that there are no automatic payments that have been set up in your credit one bank credit card if there are so you need to cancel or update those payment methods before canceling your cards to avoid any missed payments.

There are three basic methods that you can use to cancel your credit card via phone via e-mail or via online.

How to cancel credit one bank credit card online?

 You can use the credit one bank online website in that portal you will find option to cancel your credit card here are the steps that you can follow:

  • First log into your credit one bank account using the credentials that you have adopted.
  • After logging in just navigate to the services account services section.
  • There is an option there called close account you can click on this option.
  • Now you will find some prompts on the screen or the instructions, and all you have to do is to follow those instructions and provide the required information and as a result your card will be cancelled permanently.

How to cancel credit one bank credit card over the phone?

If you do not have access to Internet or you can’t access your account online you can also cancel your credit card manually over the phone.  All you need to do is contact their customer service and that is the easiest way that you can follow to manually cancel the card.

Just dial in their number 1-877-825-3242. Once their customer service representative will be on the phone, they will ask you about some verifications, and some information about your account. You can provide all that information to the representative, and you can request them to cancel your credit card.

The representative will first verify your account and they may ask you about your reason for cancellation once you are all set you can cancel your credit card with that information.

How to cancel credit one bank credit card via email or Mail?

 You can also write an e-mail requesting the cancellation of your credit one bank credit card or you can write an offline mail posted to their postal address. All you have to do is to include all your information including account number full name and contact information in the letter. You can send this letter to the address back to the credit card but this process is bit slow, and you may have to follow up the procedure on the phone call to confirm whether they are cancelling your credit card or not.

Cancel credit one bank credit card frequently asked questions

Will cancelling my credit one bank credit card affect my credit score?

Obviously yes canceling a credit card can have an impact on your credit score particularly if you have that card for a long time and that has a high credit limit. So, it is important that you first know or understand that how your credit card cancelling might affect your credit score before you can proceed.

How long does it take for credit one bank credit card to process a cancellation request?

Well, it may take anyone any time from 7 to 14 business days.  But it is important that you follow up your cancellation application to confirm whether the process has been initiated or whether you have anything outstanding on your part to submit.

Do I need to pay off my balance before cancelling my credit one bank credit card?

Yes, I will recommend that you pay off your balance before you can cancel your credit card. Because otherwise, it will have negative impact on your credit score, and you might have to face recurring additional interest and fees.


So, I’m hoping that this article has helped you understand that how you can successfully cancel your credit one bank credit card the process is not that difficult it is a few step process and there are so many methods that you can use and you can easily terminate your credit card

But if you’re still finding difficulties you can comment that below so I can help you further.

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