How To Cancel Subscription?

If you’ve already discovered the affordable home you were seeking through, it might be time to consider canceling your subscription. Continuing to pay for the membership when your objective is fulfilled may not be necessary. Subscription Overview

With a subscription, finding budget-friendly houses within your area becomes a seamless process. The membership options include trial, annual, or standard memberships, catering to various preferences.

Cancelling Subscription

To cancel your subscription, two convenient methods are available: contacting customer service or sending a cancellation request via email. Both avenues ensure a straightforward process to terminate your subscription.

How To Cancel Subscription – Customer Service

Learn about the ways to cancel your subscription to through customer service, offering flexibility based on your comfort level.

How To Cancel Subscription Over The Phone

Contact the customer service at (800) 311-5440 to initiate the cancellation process. Speak with a representative, provide a reason for cancellation, and furnish necessary subscription details. Request confirmation of the termination for your records. Note the available service hours for weekdays and weekends.

How To Cancel Subscription Via Email

For those uncomfortable with phone calls, email cancellation is an option. Compose an email stating your decision to cancel the subscription, including all relevant personal and subscription details. Send the email to [email protected] for processing. Expect a response within 24 hours, with a confirmation email upon successful termination.

Free Trial on offers a free trial for a nominal fee of $1.00, allowing 30 days of unrestricted access. After the trial period, a subscription fee of $49.60 per month applies.

Contacting Customer Service Via Contact Form

Visit the contact page to access a secure form for inquiries. Select the service, provide your details, and convey your message. Submit the form for review, and the customer support team will respond accordingly.


This article concludes with comprehensive information on canceling your subscription. If you require assistance with unsubscribing from any other service, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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