How to Cancel Apple Card? (Easy Guide)

Apple Card, the credit card issued by Apple, comes with an array of distinctive perks and advantages. However, certain situations might lead you to consider cancelling your Apple Card, such as changing financial circumstances or seeking an alternative credit card option.

To cancel your Apple Card, you need to follow a series of steps: pay off your balance, reach out to Apple Support, verify your identity, confirm the cancellation, return the physical card if applicable, and remove the card from Apple Pay. Ensuring that your credit report reflects the cancellation accurately is also important.

8 Steps to Cancel Apple Card:

Step: Pay Off the Balance

Before proceeding with the cancellation, it’s crucial to clear any outstanding balance associated with your Apple Card. This can be achieved through the Wallet app on your iPhone or by using accepted payment methods.

Step: Contact Apple Support

Initiate the cancellation process by getting in touch with Apple Support via the Wallet app or the dedicated Apple Card support line. Communicate your intention to cancel and move forward with the cancellation request.

Step: Verify Your Identity

In the course of cancellation, Apple Support may request identity verification to ensure the security of your account and prevent unauthorized actions.

Step: Confirm the Cancellation

Upon successful verification, an Apple Support representative will guide you through the confirmation procedure. Review the details carefully before confirming your decision to cancel your Apple Card.

Step: Return Physical Card (If Applicable)

Should you possess a physical Apple Card, Apple Support might request you to return it by mail. Follow the instructions provided to return the card securely.

Step: Remove Apple Card from Apple Pay

After cancelling your Apple Card, remove it from your Apple Pay settings to prevent unintended charges. Access the Wallet app, select your Apple Card, and choose the “Remove Card” option.

Step: Check for Confirmation

Following the completion of the cancellation process, Apple Support will furnish you with a confirmation of the cancellation. Keep this confirmation for your records.

Step: Monitor Credit Report

Once the cancellation process is finalized, regularly monitor your credit report to ensure the cancellation is accurately reflected and no discrepancies are present.

Can I cancel my Apple Card online?

Yes, you can cancel your Apple Card online. Navigate to the Wallet app, locate your Apple Card, tap the three dots, select “Message,” and request cancellation from Apple Support.

What if I change my mind after requesting cancellation?

If you experience a change of heart, promptly contact Apple Support to halt the cancellation process. Once cancellation is finalized, you will need to reapply for a new card.

Will canceling my Apple Card affect my credit score?

Yes, cancelling your Apple Card might impact your credit score. The closure of a credit card account could potentially decrease your credit score by affecting your credit utilization ratio.

Are there any fees for canceling my Apple Card?

No, there are no charges associated with cancelling your Apple Card account. However, ensure any outstanding balances are settled prior to cancellation.

Can I reopen a closed Apple Card account later?

No, once you cancel your Apple Card, reopening the same account is not possible. Should you wish to utilize Apple Card again, you must apply for a new one.

How long does it take to cancel an Apple Card?

Typically, the cancellation process takes a few business days. However, the timeframe can vary based on individual circumstances.

Will I lose my Apple Cash balance upon cancellation?

No, your Apple Cash balance remains unaffected if you cancel your Apple Card. You can still access the remaining balance through the Wallet app.

Can I cancel my Apple Card if I have an active balance?

Yes, you can proceed with cancelling your Apple Card even if an active balance exists. Prior to requesting cancellation, ensure the balance is cleared through regular payments.

What happens to my Monthly Installments if I cancel my Apple Card?

If you cancel your Apple Card, active Monthly Installments will persist, and you’ll remain responsible for fulfilling those payments.

Can I cancel my Apple Card if I have pending disputes or issues?

It’s advisable to address any pending disputes or issues before initiating the cancellation of your Apple Card. Handling these matters first can prevent complexities in the cancellation process.

In Conclusion

Cancelling your Apple Card is a clear-cut process involving tasks such as settling balances, connecting with Apple Support, confirming your identity, and more. Following these steps ensures a responsible conclusion to your Apple Card journey, opening up possibilities for exploring other financial avenues that align with your requirements and preferences.

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