How To Cancel Ambetter Insurance?

A robust health is an invaluable asset, and securing it with health insurance is imperative. Ambetter stands as a reliable ally in this pursuit, offering a myriad of healthcare plans tailored to your needs.

Cancelling Ambetter Insurance

Should Ambetter prove unsuitable for your requirements, canceling your insurance plan is a straightforward process. Discover the simple methods provided to facilitate the cancellation.

Affordable Health Insurance Plans by Ambetter

Ambetter takes pride in providing affordable health insurance plans, alleviating the stress associated with healthcare expenses. With a range of options, you can select a plan that aligns with your needs and budget, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Simplifying Health Insurance Cancellation

While canceling health insurance can often involve complexities, Ambetter ensures a hassle-free process. Easily terminate your Ambetter insurance through either the official website or a phone call to customer care, where assistance is readily available.

Understanding Ambetter Insurance and Plans

Ambetter stands out as one of the largest health insurance providers, offering accessible healthcare plans. Dental and vision coverage options are also available, with monthly rates competitively lower than industry peers.

My Health Pays Rewards Program

Members benefit from the My Health Pays rewards program, earning points that can be utilized for deductibles, rates, copays, and coinsurance. Specialized programs, like “Start Smart For Your Baby,” cater to maternity health insurance needs.

Three Types of Individual Health Insurance Plans

Ambetter offers three distinct individual health insurance plans:

  1. Ambetter Essential Care or Bronze Plan: Known for its affordable rates but higher out-of-pocket costs when healthcare services are needed.
  2. Ambetter Balanced Care or Silver Plan: Strikes a balance with lower out-of-pocket costs compared to Bronze, albeit at a slightly higher rate.
  3. Ambetter Secure Care or Gold Plan: Features higher rates but lower out-of-pocket costs when healthcare services are required.

How to Cancel Ambetter Insurance Easily

Canceling Ambetter insurance is a straightforward process, offering two convenient methods:

Cancel Ambetter Insurance Through Website

  1. Visit the official Ambetter website.
  2. Navigate to Client Care or the Customer Care page.
  3. Select your State.
  4. Sign in to your Ambetter Membership account.
  5. Fill out a membership cancellation form.
  6. Request a verification email for confirmation.

Cancel Ambetter Insurance Via A Phone Call

  1. Visit the Ambetter official website and access the Customer Care page.
  2. Select your State.
  3. Obtain the Customer Services number.
  4. Call and provide necessary information, including personal details and membership information.
  5. Request a verification email confirming your membership cancellation.

Renewing or Changing Ambetter Plans

Ambetter provides a membership renewal letter for reviewing coverage details. Existing plans are automatically renewed unless changes are desired, in which case, contact Ambetter customer care.

Is Cancelling Your Ambetter Insurance Free Of Cost?

Yes, cancelling Ambetter insurance incurs no charges. The process is fee-free, but it’s advisable to cancel before the renewal date to avoid charges for the subsequent renewal period.

Ambetter Insurance – FAQs

  • Ambetter Grace Period: A grace period of 31 days is provided after the first bill payment.
  • Automatic Renewal: Ambetter members receive timely renewal information, and coverage is automatically renewed unless changes are requested.
  • Alternatives to Ambetter Insurance: Several alternatives include UnitedHealthcare, Kaiser Foundation, and WellCare.


While Ambetter remains a viable choice for affordable healthcare plans, understanding the cancellation process is crucial. Explore alternatives if needed and contact Customer Care for any queries related to Ambetter healthcare insurance plans.

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